WeGo kids yoga LEARN inspires to educate families on the history of yoga with easy to share information about where yoga came from, the benefits of yoga, and what we can learn from yoga to help us lead healthier, happier active lives.

Yoga is an ancient art that includes physical exercise, but is truly about balance. There are different types of yoga with different asanas or poses; WeGo kids yoga features a line of animal characters doing the yoga poses named after them. It is a great way to talk to your kids about the animals they know and love and show them how to move like those animals to stretch their muscles.

The benefits of yoga include improving flexibility whilst building strength, balance and stamina. Other benefits include a clearer mind, reduced stress and a better sleep. This section will focus on the positives of yoga and reiterate why yoga is important to practice on a continuous basis and how to incorporate it daily so it becomes a natural fit into your family’s every day routine.

WeGo kids - Yoga