Welcome to WeGo kids!

WeGo kids was founded by a mom of triplets who was looking for a fun and creative way to teach her kids to choose positive behaviors while making it easier and more fun for her family to be active together.

WeGo kids offers innovative clothing and accessories designed to cultivate your child's positive potential. We hope that wherever life may take you, WeGo too!

Our first yoga inspired line of tshirts and bodysuits is 100% organic cotton and designed with fun animal characters that kids of all ages love. The animal characters are demonstrating the yoga poses named after them. The designs are images that bring to life the many hours of thought and creativity put into creating a line that is not only fun for everyone but is designed to move intuitively with the child, from play to work, quiet time to a family dinner. With WeGo kids wear, kids will wear what they love for any occasion, and you will love what they wear.

A very special thank you to all of the moms who work to make WeGo kids wear.

The foundation of WeGo kids is based on supporting the local community. We use local moms, who own their own businesses, to produce the clothing for WeGo kids. Every detail is lovingly made by a local mom. Every clothing item is made from 100% organic cotton and created to be extremely durable for anything kids will put them through. Triplet tested, triplet mom approved!

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