WeGo Kids - Inspiring future generations to live active lifestyles.



Welcome to WeGo kids!

WeGo kids was founded by a mom of triplets who was looking for a fun and creative way to teach her kids to choose positive behaviors while making it easier and more fun for her family to be active together.

WeGo kids offers innovative clothing and accessories designed to cultivate your child's positive potential. We hope that wherever life may take you, WeGo too!

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As we talked to families, we began to understand that, in addition to activewear for kids, we needed to provide a daily lifeline that helps gives parents tools to help make parenting easier.

We are so proud to announce the first ever parenting web TV network that brings parents daily parenting education in an entertaining way!

Knowing you're not alone can make a huge difference every day. On parentTALK, we bring together parents from all backgrounds and parenting styles to discuss everyday parenting challenges and share tips and parent hacks that make their lives easier.

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"Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime." Teaching kids to choose, enjoy, and crave healthy foods can lead to a happier, healthier childhood and a lifetime of food fun. No Chickpeas in my Chocolate teaches parents how to feed their family healthfully without hiding the healthy.

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"When you give kids social and emotional tools, you transform your parenting experience and your child's life. Teach them to express and process their own emotions, and you can raise tantrum free kids. #raisingEI takes an emotional intelligence approach to everyday parenting.