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'Tis the Season for Treats Treats Treats

We all need them! Something special, whether your choice is chocolaty or fruity, crunchy or icy cold. When I first stopped all processed sugar, I was a cranky cranky mama. Here are several treats I used to get me passed the ‘sugar blues’.

Nice Creams---ice cream made from bananas and/or fruit. No, really, just bananas and fruit (though some add ins are super yummy). My two favs are a pineapple basil one with a touch of maple syrup and a banana/peanut butter/chocolate chip (stevia sweetened)/pretzel one. I fed the last one to my big’s BFF when she was having sinus problems and trying to avoid dairy. She was in heaven!!!!

Roasted Fruit
Roasted Fruit is the perfect holiday treat this season---this is so easy, people! Take some fruit (fresh pineapple chunks, peaches sliced in half and destoned, plums, nectarines, blueberries, blackberries, mix and match, be creative), toss it in a little bit of macadamia nut oil (or walnut oil or other nutty oil to give it a rich taste) and roast. I roast mine between 375 and 425 depending on how much time I have. It takes between 25-35 minutes, depending on size of fruit and oven temperature.
Eat as is or use it to top your banana nice cream.
Coconut Milk Whip Cream
Whip up some coconut milk whip cream (refrigerate a can of full fat coconut milk overnight.) Do not shake!!!! Remove from fridge, flip can over and open. Pour out the coconut water, but save it for smoothies. Scoop the left over coconut cream into a bowl, flavor with vanilla extract or powder and maple syrup/honey/agave. Use can also use a hand mixer to whip into whip cream- more like clotted cream but still super yummy. ENJOY!!!

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